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At the present time, most of us keep looking for good investment options. Now Investing is the first priority.

Through the BazarUpdate.com website, we provide information about Personal Finance, Stock Market, etc. All we know that investing money is more important than earning money. By investing, you can build a good wealth even with less income. All you need is the right investment plan.

We are committed to providing you with the correct investment information in simple language.

Articles published on BazarUpdate.com are updated regularly so that you can keep your information up to date.

About the Author –

My name is Raj Kumar Bairwa. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have studied B.com, M.com – ABST and EAFM, and CA.

Having a commerce background, I am very fond of investing, mutual funds, and the stock market from the beginning and now I have got a lot of experience in it.

Now I am sharing this information and experience with you through this Bazarupdate.com blog. I started this blog in January-2022.

I have another blog that is in the Hindi language. You can access it from here – www.PunjiGuide.com

I have also started a YouTube channel for you. This channel shares information related to personal finance with you. You can access my channel from here and if you liked the information given on the channel, then do subscribe to the channel.

YouTube Channel –  Punji Guide

How did the Bazar Update Blog get started?

Friends, in my career to date, I found that people in India are not conscious of finance at all. People want to learn to earn money but remain completely unaware of how to manage that earned money.

So I shared information about Stock Market with many of my colleagues during my job and helped them handle their personal finances. But by this, I was not reaching out to more people whom I should make aware of finance.

To reach out large audience I have started this blog. If you get any benefit through this blog, then I will consider this blog successful.

Thank you very much for visiting BazarUpdate.com. If you want to contact us, you can contact us on the email given below. Believe me, friends, I will share such information with you which will be very beneficial for your financial planning and will help in making you financially capable.

E-mail – hello.bazarupdate@gmail.com

Thank you!

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